“The process set out in this book could help you to transform your life”

Written for senior executives, but with lessons that are likely to be relevant at any stage in your career.

William Cowan

William Cowan has over 30 years of experience in senior management positions and has served as an advisor to boards and chief executives worldwide.

As a CEO and Chair, he was involved in building and growing a number of successful commercial and not-for-profit organisations.

He is a leader in career transition management and has formalised an approach that produces outstanding results.

In 25-plus years, he has provided practical guidance to over 1,000 senior executives, as well as many others including university graduates.

Contents of Book

The book covers the period from when you leave a job, or decide you need a new job, until you are re-established in a new role.

Part 1

Understanding the basics

1. Seven guiding principles for job search success

2. You face four distinct challenges

Part 2

Building On Your strengths

3. Framing your special strengths

4. Writing about your strengths

5. Preparing to speak about your strengths

Part 3

Growing The Power Of Your Network

6. Exploring your career options based on your strengths

7. Creating strong new connections for life

8. Putting your networking to work

Part 4

9. Generating attractive job offers
10. Thriving in your new role

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About the author

William has over 30 years of experience in senior management positions. He has served as an advisor to boards and chief executives worldwide, and been the chief executive officer of a number of listed and unlisted companies.

William has held the position of Director, Key Executive Services, at Directioneering for the past 16 years. Directioneering has grown to be the leading career strategy firm in Australia and New Zealand. It provides individuals and organisations with tailored career transition, career coaching and leadership development services. During his time at Directioneering, William has worked successfully with over 1,000 senior executives from every industry, providing them with consulting and advice related to their careers.

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, he was a partner of McKinsey & Co, servicing major clients in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. He led the development of a transformational strategy for the Australian Football League in 1982. In 1983 he led a leveraged buyout of Southern Cross Broadcasting, which grew to become the fourth largest commercial broadcasting network in Australia in the late 1980s.

During the late 1990s, William was the chief executive of Davidson & Associates, the premier career management firm in Australia. Over the next five years, the firm consolidated its position as a leader in South-East Asia, with offices in five countries. During this time, William worked with some of Australia’s and Asia’s most senior executives, providing them with career management advice and counsel. In 1998, the firm was voted the best service firm in Australia by readers of BRW magazine

William was the Chair of various boards and committees in a number of not-for-profit organisations. These included Trinity College at the University of Melbourne, and the Australian International Opera Awards. He led the development of a strategy to strengthen Victorian Thoroughbred Racing as a world leader in 1995.

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